Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heading North-Everglades NP

Bob wants the title heading north since Key West is the farthest south we could go in the motorhome. Here we are back in the same site we were before and loving the peace and quite and cooler weather. We had planned to stop at Key Largo and see the John Pennecamp State Park (coral reef) however with the 20 mph winds I knew the seas would be clouded up and viewing from the glass bottom boat wouldn't be good. Besides it's cheaper here to camp. Save it for another day.

Our first day here we did nothing but relax. Bob started a new book and I actually got out my embroidery. We sat outside in the sunshine and cool breeze. Bob cooked a delicious steak dinner and then we watched TV.

Wednesday was another breezy day so our plans to go on the glass bottom boat were again postponed. We went into town and picked up our mail then to Walmarts for a few grocery items among other things. Drove all over town looking for a place to buy boxed wine. Here in Fl only 3 liter boxes are sold. Finally found a Winn Dixie that had it. Back home we spent the afternoon visiting with our neighbors from Massachusetts. After dark we went to the Anhinga Trail to see it in the almost full moon. It was beautiful. Lots of alligators with their glowing red eyes. Blue Herons still searching for food. Mosquitoes buzzing around. And then a hoard of OH State kids arrived and you could hear them a 1/2 mile away. So much for listening to the sounds of the swamp. One even was busy talking on her cellphone.

Wow, a day without wind so we headed to Key Largo for the glass bottom boat ride. We arrived too late for the 10am. We walked around and took pictures of the African Queen, the actual boat that was in the 1951 movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Kathryn Hepburn. After a breakfast we went to John Pennecamp state park and sat on the beach for awhile. Then is was off to the boat ride. We both were a little disappointed but we did get to see the reef and some fish. The pictures are a bit of a disappointment too. It would have been better if we went snorkeling.
On our way home we again stopped at Alabama Jack's for early dinner. Back at the mh we sat out until the mosquitoes came out.

Friday is moving day. Keep up with us if you can.


Barbara and Ron said...

So now we're wondering if the African Queen was there when we were there. Neither of us remembers it if it was. Maybe we just thought it was an old boat. :-) We're decided you're much better at this tourist stuff than we are. You don't miss a thing!

Diana said...

I could NEVER keep up with you guys! I have gone on the Key Largo glass bottom boat ride in high winds, however. Everyone got sick except me.