Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to Uncle Walt's

March 21, Friday we headed toward Uncle Walt's stopping along the way. Our plan was to take an airboat ride at the Original Airboat about 12 miles east of Miami on the Tamami Trail but even tho we had emailed them if there was room for parking a motorhome with car attached and they assured us there was, it just wasn't true. ride. We continued on for another 30 miles to the Midway Campground. On arrival, Bob wanted to do some maintenance work before setting up. First he had to bled the air tanks and then he wanted to add fluid to the hydraulic jacks. On adding the fluid the seal fell inside so he had to drain a bucket full, then remove the container retrieve the seal and put it all back together. An hour later we were able to setup. After a bite of lunch we headed back for the airboat ride and opted to take our ride with the Mikkosokee Indians. They drove us for about 20 minutes thru the everglades to Sunset Island where there were a bunch of tiki huts with vendors selling their China made trinkets.
We did get to meet smiley the alligator.

On our return to the campground we drove the Loop Road and saw tons of alligators and this very pretty bird with turquoise on his bill.

Saturday, Bob added a shelf for the computer equipment behind the tv in the bedroom. My embroidery was moved elsewhere and it freed up a shelf in the clothes closet. That chore completed, clean clothes put on and we pulled out of our site. Leaving the mh to go back to help hitchup the car I heard air escaping from the air tank. So clean clothes and all under the rig Bob went to adjust the valves that he had bled on arrival. All set and away we went to Uncle Walt's taking the back roads and not the interstate took us thru Immokolee where a festival/ carnival was happening. Streets were blocked but got thru that than into a lot of traffic and then rain. Pulled in to the driveway in rain so set up with out disconnecting the car until later. We immediately went in to Uncle Walt's and started working on his jigsaw puzzle. After getting it together we took our's in for his help on the big sky part. While we were doing this I was also doing 3 weeks of laundry.

Sunday, I finished the rest of the laundry and put away the down comforter while Bob finally got the internet up and running and the shelf reinstalled so the equipment fits correctly. The family gathered for a huge Easter dinner of bbq ribs and chicken with all the fixings.
And the kids had their easter egg hunt.

Monday, Lavie came to visit us for awhile, nice visit. Afterwards, we went out to the local seafood house down the street and then went shopping. Bob bought a new computer, gave me his old one then worked for hours transferring between computers. We also got our new member number for Thousand Trails and made reservations for the next 20 days at two of their preserves. We will be moving Wednesday to the one at Zolfo Springs and 10 days later to the one in Orlando where we will be going to see Mickey, as in the mouse.

Tuesday, Bob continued getting the computers setup while I did more emboidery and when it got warmer we both went up and worked on the puzzle. After dinner we borrowed the DVD Cars and watched it. In the meantime Sue and Uncle Walt finished the puzzle.

She gave us another puzzle to take with us.

Now we are moving to Zolfo Springs for our first adventure staying at a Thousand Trails. We found a message on the internet where someone was giving their membership away and all we had to do was pay for the transfer. That was $1000. We also paid next years dues. We have the Alliance package so we can stay 50 days free, which really equals the dues at $10 a night, and then pay $5 a night after that. We can also go from park to park without time out. The only problem we had with the transfer is we wanted it in both of our names. For an rv related company they don't seem to comprehend "fulltimers" or "significant others" for that matter. They wanted us to present proof, "a utility bill", with both our names on it and one address. DUH


Barbara and Ron said...

You made me laugh out loud with that 'China made trinkets' comment. And I would think that bird is a tricolored heron, but I never saw one with a bill that color. Maybe he got into some turquoise paint. :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey. Alligators are carnivores and that hand looks like meat to me. Not sure I would have been that brave.

You will love the TTN parks. Like you I found a membership that someone was giving away for the transfer fee.