Friday, April 04, 2008

Peace River

We arrived here on Wednesday and found a full hook up site. Wow. Then Bob proceeded to put up the internet dish and again he was having great difficultly. So for two days he was working with the computers and calls to Datastorm, Hughes and Apple to get every
thing functioning again. We just hope when the time comes to move again he doesn't experience the same problems. Then I have been having some difficulties learning my "new" computer. I guess we both are keeping our brain cells active.

Thursday was somewhat a continuation for Bob and while he was working on that I was planning our itinerary for our Canadian trip. I have extended by about 5 weeks. I checked what the weather would be like in October and have decided to return to the US mid-Oct instead of the just after Labor Day. We won't be just seeing the white line on the highway. I called my friends Jeanne and Warren Cook at the SKP park to see what time their social hour started and it was cancelled as the SKP's were going to Ellenton to the Roaring 20's Pizza where an organist plays.
As Bob likes to say we drove 100 miles for pizza. But it was fun and the music was good.

Friday was more work on the computer. Will he ever get it working right. While he worked on that I talked with a Thousand Trails home office supervisor and we faxed her the title to our "home" on wheels to prove we are co-owners, so it looks like we may get that situation straightened out.
We then drove to Sebring to find a pack and ship to send the old computer to Micheala, Bob's granddaughter for her birthday present. Back at Wauchula we did some shopping and then met Katie and Emery for the fish fry at Pioneer Restaurant. Back home we went thru the Canadian itinerary I have put together and refined it.

Saturday is more of the same. Are we getting in a rut here? We did take a walk around the park, checked out the clubhouse, visited with neighbors and ate at home. Boy, are we getting domesticated.

The heat and humidity for us western folks is miserable. So first thing on Sunday we moved. Across the street. We are now facing north so no sun in our windshield and most important our patio side is in the afternoon shade. Good news, we stowed the Datastorm and within 5 minutes of searching we were up and running so I guess all of Bob's hard work this week has worked. In the afternoon I went up to the pool for a couple of hours and met some nice folks. Later our neighbors came over for happy hour and then I cooked dinner. Geeze the frozen stir-fry and some shrimp along with the 90 sec bag of rice makes a very tasty meal and not much work. In the evening we actually started out watching TV outside.

Got our mail today and our GPS is back from the hospital. We headed to Walmart where I got a new bathing suit which I christened when we returned to the park. I have a exercise program for the pool I picked up a long time ago and I haven't used it in over 4 years....not many pools out in the desert. Earlier in the afternoon I did my taxes so I could get my share of Bush's stimulus money. I wasn't stimulated very much, so poor I only get $300. That won't even fill the fuel tank so I hope Bob gets more. Bob cooked dinner tonight and then we went to play dominoes with the neighbors, Mary and Gary.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? What has happened to this week. More of the same. Wednesday is the day the city said people can wash their vehicles so we went along with that and washed ours.
Roberta and Jerry Syppken moved in near us. They are WIN friends and it was good to see them again. Last time was after Thanksgiving when we arrived at Escapees in Livingston, Tx. We have been playing dominoes, cards and Farkel with Mary and Gary in the evenings. Bob did his taxes one day so I left town and visited with friends at another rv park.

Jerry came over and asked what a blog is so here Bob is giving him instructions.
In the evening Bob helped Mary get more music on her I Pod and then we found out that the Geeks on Tour couple were in our park. We had a nice visit with them. Forgot to take our camera with us but they took our picture so it may be on their blog. We have a link to their blog on the left so check it out.

These are our new friends and our old friends.

Gary & Mary, Robi and Jerry, Maureen and Lonnie.

We are leaving Peace River today and moving to the Orlando Thousand Trails. In addition to seeing friends, gathering with Boomers for dinner, seeing Disney World and maybe other sites around Orlando in 10 days we WILL be busy.....


Barbara and Ron said...

Even when you're not doing much it sounds exhausting. You're not getting bored in a park, are you? Good to hear Jerry and Roberta are doing well.

Diana said...

Yup, sure sounds exhausting. That Datastorm seems to be a lot of work. Ever thought of just going to the Verizon card?

Tell Jerry and Roberta "Hi!"

Wandrin said...

A second to Diana's comment; get an air-card.

When I was having trouble with m internet satellite setup, it was a good thing there wasn't a dumpster nearby. Fortunately, I didn't toss it since I was able to get rid of my problems for $500.