Sunday, April 06, 2008


April 5th. After settling in at the Orlando Thousand Trails...our home for the next 10 days we watched as the storm clouds rolled in and sat inside listening to tremendous thunderstorms. We would just get settled outside and another storm would roll in. At least a half dozen separate storms all day and night. But they do need the rain. We made a few phone calls to Bob's friends to arrange meeting them and then went for dinner.

Sunday we met with Bob's friend Fred Guthrie.
We drove to his home in one of the many 55+ communities we passed on our drive up here. We then went to lunch in Haines City. Still raining. We invited him to follow us back to our home and he and Bob trades war stories on their days at Lordstown's GM plant. They also went thru half a bottle of tequila. Oh well, needed to downsize the liqueur cabinet before going to Canada.

Monday, Jim and Nan, Bob's friends came over to visit.

We went to lunch after I finished up the laundry and then spent the rest of the afternoon visiting. No rain today so looks like we will be able to go to Disney World tomorrow.

Tuesday we went to Epcot ( see a separate blog)

Wednesday we drove to Center Hill and got the fabric to make a sunshade for the awning, visited with Dutch and Louie. Then drove to Homassas Springs for an errand. On our way back to Bushnell to visit with my cousin Phil and his wife Ann we ran out of fuel 2 miles from Floral City. We called Phil and he said he would bring us gas. While we waited we had a pretty view of these flowers.

Just as he arrived this State Trooper arrived to help also.
Back at Bushnell we not only got fuel for the car but fuel for all of us at Beef O'Bradys. We then went to Phil and Ann's to finish our visit.

Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom. (See separate blog)

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Barbara and Ron said...

You ran out of gas!?!

I hope you're going to my favorite all time park anywhere - Universal Studios. And don't miss the Blues Brothers show if you go.