Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ever northward we go. We are near Charleston SC at a Passport America park, under a tree and using their wi-fi. We know we are east now. Kids and campfires in the parks. We opted to rest after arrival. Caught up on the laundry and even ate dinner at home.

Sunday we went into Charleston. I had been here before so I drove Bob around the Battery

so he could see all the beautiful houses.
Up the east side of the penisula to
the Fort Sumter National Monument exhibit

and took the boat out to the Fort.

We met a nice couple from SC via NH. Returning to the mainland we parked the car and walked Market St. Looking for a restroom and a place to get a beverage we discovered our new friends at a sidewalk restaurant and they invited us to sit with them.
Jim and Joyce St. Martin.

We then took a carriage ride and learned more of the history of Charleston. We strolled around the Market and watch these women making these beautiful baskets. One that Bob picked up was $145.

We found a restaurant nearby and shared a wonderful seafood dinner. Came across this decorative telephone pole. Can you guess what decorates it?
Look at the bottom of the blog.

Monday we left the rv park heading toward Myrtle Beach. Along the way we stopped at Boone Hall Plantation
where we took a tram ride around the plantation, toured the house and walked the slave quarter's street. It was very interesting. While introductions were being made on the porch of the home we found the couple standing behind us was not only from Warren, Ohio nearby to Salem but that Bob had worked with him. Ray Cooke. Once names were exchanged they remembered each other. At the slave quarters a lady was telling stories and singing a song. She got us involved in the singing too. Check out this talent.

We then drove on to Myrtle Beach and parked at the Moose Lodge with elec and water hookups. Our new neighbors are Mike and Vickie Sparacino. WINs who while we have heard about had never met.

The answer to the puzzle is chewing gum.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Does no one in Salem, Ohio ever stay home? The town must be deserted! The chewing gum is disgusting.