Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are curious

We have many people around this country and around the world who "travel" with us via our blog. We are curious as to who you may be. If your city is mentioned would you sign our guest book, please.

Phoenix, AZ
Germantown, MD
San Marcos, TX
Elwood City, PA
Rockland, CA
Hampton, VA
New Port Richey, FL our guess is Darlene
Monroe, LA
Ann Arbor, MI
Silver Springs, FL
Indianapolis, IN our guess is Phil and Jan
Livingston, NJ
Harden, VA
Spartenburg, SC
Canton, OH
Olympia, WA our guess is Mel and Donna Lee
Reston, VA
London, England
Franklin, KY our guess is Jack
Hamilton, ON
Sterling Hgts, MI
Rahway, NJ
San Clemente, CA
Lima, OH our guess is Howard
Chelmsford, England
Palmatto, FL

Thank you all
Bob and Donna

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