Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Orlando

Our second weekend here at the Thousand Trails park. We went out for breakfast with Bob's friend Fred. Then drove to Clermont for our mail. We had about 4 hours to kill before meeting with a group of Escapee Boomer's for an early dinner so we drove to Mount Dora. We met them at Oakhill Smokehouse.
There were 9 of us. We enjoyed meeting them.

You might think this is a boring day after all the excitement of this preceding week but since it was a cloudy somewhat rainy day it was time to tackle the chores that have gone undone for weeks and weeks. Bob started with cleaning out and reorganizing the car. Guess what he found. A backseat. In the meantime I was working inside, picking up, putting away, vacuuming, dusting, mopping. After all that we managed a catnap and then joined our new friends Gary and Mary and their friends at the clubhouse for 2 games of Pegs and Jokers. It was a new version we had not played before and since there were 8 of us guys against the gals it was a wonderful evening.

Monday we went to Disney's Hollywood Studio (former MGM).
We saw the Indian Jones show, the motorcar stunt show and the Back Lot tram ride. While on the Movie tram ride our car got stuck and we just sat for about 10 minutes until 3 or 4 other cars were behind us.

Only at Disney can you have a view of New York City and San Francisco on the same street corner.

We only spent about 6-7 hours there. Had lunch at one of the restaurants where a lady from our park who used to be a WIN worked. Visited her for a couple of minutes while ordering. We both have decided that IF we had to work it would not be at Disney. Everyday we were there it was crowded. And we selected this time as their website said it was the slowest 2 weeks. HA.
Back home we went to the clubhouse and played that game again.
We had so much fun they asked us to stay on an extra night so....we are. Shook the jello again.

Tuesday we did more mundane chores like airing the tires, laundry, cleaning the propane heater and a/c grills then we worked on the blog. It was a cool, windy day. After dinner we again went to the clubhouse and played games with our friends.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Well, aren't you just the game players? The people who I know that work at Disney just do it for the free tickets. Doesn't appeal to me either.