Thursday, April 17, 2008

Repair Day

Got up early this morning and headed to Lazy Days to be there for our 8:45 appointment. Our back up camera has intermittently done weird things while on the road and the passenger has to get up, shut it off briefly then turn it back on. We have had this problem since last summer. It was first checked when we were in Redmond OR at the FMCA rally last August. Various dealers have looked at it including Lazy Days the last of Feb. Still did it, so back we went for another try. Of course, on our way over it didn't do it and on our return to our site at Thousand Trails it didn't do it. Bob has no hope they fixed it. We feel it is the monitor but they just check the wiring. This time it was the wiring at the camera.

While there we searched for an adapter for Bob's cell phone for our Wilson Antenna, went for breakfast at Bob Evans where I had the strawberry shortcake with ice cream. Hey, it's fruit, bread and dairy. Just what a good breakfast should contain. We then took the car for a Jiffy Lube.

Over to my Uncle's where we picked up an overnight FedEx. We are refinancing our motorhome
at 2% less then we are currently committed to. We have several overnight Fedex's to accomplish this. First to us from CT, then to OH, then to CT, then to NC all before next Tuesday. That should keep Fedex in business for awhile at $31 a pop. We are also amazed at our new technology. One of the papers was wrong. Cellphone call to the finance company, they emailed the correct form to Bob. Back to Lazy Days where Bob emailed the form to our service coordinator while we were sitting at her desk and she then printed it out for us. We then high tailed it for the Fedex place and away it went. Less than 2 hours after getting it.

Back at my Uncle's for a nice visit then we went to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. Got a call while there that the repairs were finished. Dropped off my Uncle, back to the motorhome, hitched up and back to Thousand Trails for the night. We played a new card game with our friends.

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