Monday, April 21, 2008

Okefenokee Swamp

We moved to Folkston, GA on Sunday. Checking our resources could not find our usual lodges etc to stay. However, our Passport America listed a campground for $10 a night. We finally located it in town and pulled into a pull through driveway that was paved across the street. The plywood sign crudely painted across the street showed a sand and grass driveway saying enter here for the campground. Looking down the driveway all we could see was goats and horses roaming around. While Bob and I were discussing staying there the long haired owner pulls up in a pickup and he said we could leave our motorhome there and take a walk into the "campground". He is just building it. Put in water and electric hookups and that's it. No grading but he has trimmed the trees. We decided to stay, got parked and found out the electric plug was upside down so our plug would not go in. By this time I had a goat on our door step looking in.
I had already taken goat poop onto our step carpet. Oh well, not much different than being at Betty and Hanks with their great
danes and dog poop. But theirs was park free for friends. Here it is a "campground"? Bob negotiated the rate down to $12 for the 2 nights since we weren't hooking up to electric or water.

We then went to the grocery store. Got a rotisserie chicken and came home for dinner.

We had called and made a reservation for a sunset tour of the Okefenokee swamp.
It was awesome.
Saw a few alligators,

lots of birds flying overhead to their roosting places.
A beautiful sunset.

Pretty flowers, wild iris and orchids.

The real sense that was overwhelming was the sounds. Cricket frogs the size of a thumbnail and pig frogs oinking. The full moon rose as orange as the sun had set. Returning in the dark was interesting also. Flash lights were shown on the shoreline in hopes of capturing the red eyes of a gator. No luck.

Monday was a topsy turvy day. We went to the post office after I had already had a bit of breakfast. Then went to a restaurant at 11 am for Bob to get breakfast but they were only serving a buffet lunch so he had that while I just had sweet tea. Then we drove to St. Mary's near the coast. It is on the St. Mary's river and there was no way to get to the ocean so we drove 50 more miles to Jekyll Island. We drove around the island. Tried to sit on the beach but the cold breeze was too much.
By this time I was hungry so we found a restaurant

with a deck overlooking the ocean and Bob had a beer while I ate lunch.
Back home we sat out and fought off the goats and bugs.
We both agree we would like to see what this campground looks like in about 10 years.


Barbara and Ron said...

Not too late to join us in Arkansas!

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

Sorry, Newfoundland is in our summer plans and have a lot to see before then. Stay tuned....