Friday, April 18, 2008

St. Augustine

We moved to the Elk's Lodge at St. Augustine. Went to the lodge for lunch, then went home and both of us took a nap. Dinner at home (leftovers) then back to the lodge for dancing in the evening. We are amazed at the dancers back east. Ballroom style. Very little 2 step which is what we are used to. Oh well. For our Win friends we still do our Ohio 2 step :).

Saturday we went to the historic area of St. Augustine. Saw the fort and watch them shoot a cannon.

Took a picture of the old house, and drove around. We stopped at the lighthouse on our way home and climbed all 219 steps to the top for an awesome view. Just beyond the tent is where we are staying at the lodge. Back at the lodge we went to the Tiki Hut and had our late lunch. Shrimp and crab legs. HMM. We took naps afterwards and then around 8pm went back into town to take a carriage ride in the moonlight. Romantic aren't we. Had another bite to eat. Life is short I just had dessert. We watched fireworks and listened to very unusual music. Here is a snippit of it.

Sunday is moving day and after 19 weeks and around 2500+ miles we are leaving Florida.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You are romantic! Good job with the lighthouse - not an easy shot. Are you guys getting worn out?