Monday, May 05, 2008


It rained during the night so all the events were cancelled Sunday morning. We packed up the motorhome and moved it to Andy's then drove the car to my daughter Tami and Ray's home in Harrisburg. Had a wonderful visit. While there I got all of my needlework pieces out of the closet and looked at them.

Monday we drove to Asheville to visit the Biltmore Estate.

It was the perfect time of the year with the azealas and dogwood in full bloom. We opted to use the audio guide for our tour of the house. Sorry no pictures allowed inside but you can check there website out. It was a facinating tour and took us a couple of hours. We drove through the gardens.

Then along the roads toward the winery with all the azaleas blooming.
At the Winery and we had our lunch on the outside patio. Took a tour of the winery and then wine tasting. We finished the drive around the estate then took a different way home. The mountains were beautiful with all the shades of green.
Back at Tami's home we sat out on their back deck
and had strawberry shortcake for our evening snack. Bob and I got out our computers and they got a kick out of this picture.

We decided to head back to the motorhome after Tami had left for work. We swung by her workplace to say goodbye. Then we drove to Sun City near Fort Mill, SC to visit with Willa and Bill Thiel.
He was working so only saw him briefly but we had a lovely visit with Willa. The 3 of us went to lunch for BBQ and the restaurant let seniors order off the kids menu. It was just the right proportion. We then drove the 140 miles back to Chadbourn and asked permission to stay the night. Andy dropped by for a visit and invited us to a steak dinner for the poll worker's. Since we knew most of the people from the festival we took him up on the offer.
Our barefoot cook was none other than our balloon pilot, Ian.

We got up early Wednesday morning as Ian said they were going to fly and Bob was invited to come along. We waited at the field but they didn't show or call so we came home to prepare this blog and wait for the post office to open before leaving for Cedar Point near Swansboro on the next leg of our slow journey north.

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Barbara and Ron said...

I've always wanted to see the Biltmore gardens. And the house looks like a castle. The picture of the two of you on the computers is just too funny.