Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bogue Banks

We headed east from Chadbourn with a national forest campground our destination. It is near Swansboro and Emerald Isle, NC. at Cedar Point.
We found a site that was open enough for our internet dish and just as we were preparing to unhitch the car a neighbor came over. Scott said "what are Wins doing east of the Mississippi". He is a former Win and we had a long visit with him all afternoon. He also is a fulltimer from Ohio. After our hectic schedule of the last week, we decided to kick back. Bob took a long nap while I did some reading. Out to dinner on the coast for seafood, what else. We stopped at the VFW on the way home. It is just outside the campground. We were warmly greeted and invited to come park our rv there, stay for Friday's free dinner and a dance on Saturday night. Well I guess the jello got shook and with storms being predicted the day we were to get on the ferry it is a good plan.

Thursday morning we had our coffee outside on the patio then took a hike thru the marshland.

Saw lots of fiddler crabs.

We were going to kayak but the wind was picking up. Around noon we took off for some siteseeing.We drove along the islands to Fort Mason near Atlantic Beach. It is NC's 2nd state park and has been nicely restored with great exhibits.
The fort was used from the Revolutionary war. It fell into disrepair and was given to the state. The CCC refurbished it and it was again used during WWII.

We then drove to Beaufort. Toured the old cemetery
where confederate soldiers and others were laid to rest including a little girl who died at sea on her return from England. Her father had promised her mother she would return so he bought a keg of rum from the captain and placed her in it to preserve her body. She has been buried keg and all. We were surprised to see all the trinkets left on her grave.

Friday we moved to the VFW early in the morning as it was threatening bad weather. We think this was the shortest trip we have ever made. Under 1 mile. After settling in we went to the post for the free meatloaf dinner. We then drove back to Beaufort to tour the Mariner Museum that had closed yesterday before we saw it. No pictures are allowed.

Saturday was resting day. After breakfast at the post we went for a walk for exercise then just rested, made phone calls, took naps etc all day, saved our energy for the evenings dance at the post.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Are you going to the Outer Banks? Just a warning - we're still finding sand from there. Ron had to take the rooftop TV dish apart and clean out the sand - it wouldn't move. We'll never go back!