Sunday, May 11, 2008

Outer Banks

A long day for a short drive. Bob drove 86 land miles plus 27 sea miles. Including waits for ferries it took us from 8am until 3 pm.
But we saved 250+ miles by land. The ferry cost us $45 but diesel was selling at $4.17/gal and at 7 miles to a gallon I think we saved. We chose to do both ferries today and early in the morning as storms and winds were predicted. It was windy and Bob had to fight the wheel several times. It was a light rain tho. We arrived too early at the restaurant the ranger recommended so we killed a half hour looking at the Hatteras Lighthouse.
We chose our sight up on the hill (sand dune) so we can look out our windows at the ocean's white surf off in the distance. We had an awesome display of lightening later in the evening.

Woke to sunny skies and readied the rv for our next move. We stopped at the Hattaras Lighthouse on our way. It was too windy to climb to the top so we watched the video of the Move of the Century when the light house was relocated in 1999. Back on the road we were buffeted by west winds, water over the road at times
from the sound waters high tide. We arrived at Oregon Inlet the National Seashore campground and found a site heading into the wind but as luck would have it the wind shifted. We got out a jigsaw puzzle as it was raining outside. The wind got bad enough we brought the dinette slide in. To say we were rocked to sleep is an understatement.

The SUN came out but the winds still are with us. We drove to Kill Devil Hills to see the Wright Brother's Memorial and museum.

These are the marks to show how far they flew.

A nice metal sculpture of there airplane.
Then over to Manteo and the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. Watched the film on the Lost Colony. The first English settlement on these shores. And I bet you thought it was Plymouth, Mass. Actually Jamestown, VA came after this one and we will there soon. We had lunch at Fisherman's Wharf in Wanchese. It is surrounded by fish processing plants so can't get better seafood than right there. I had been there many times before with my husband. Watched the pelicans while we ate.

Another beautiful day and it is moving day.

We took a walk on the beach before leaving for Williamsburg.


Barbara and Ron said...

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Diana said...

Yup, you've convinced me I never want to go east again! Great pictures!