Thursday, May 15, 2008


We arrived at the Moose Lodge in Williamsburg and set up and rested the balance of our moving day.

Thursday we toured Colonial Williamsburg.

It was the day they were celebrating 232 years of the signing of the papers for freedom from England and we were in the room where it was done.Wow.
We toured the Governor's Palace.

The Andrew Wythe home was were Washington, Jefferson, Monroe stayed when in Williamsburg
and they dined at this table at the Geddy home. This room and furniture are the real thing not a recreation.
Saw lots of reenactors and demonstrators.
Thomas Jefferson.
The apothacary.

We dined with a couple from Vermont at Chowning's Tavern and were entertained by this gentleman.

We woke on Friday to a major leak in our slide. Brought it in and dried things off before heading back to Colonial Williamsburg. Took along an umbrella for insurance but just had a few sprinkles. We toured John D. Rockefeller's home

and the Abby Rockefeller museum. Saw several houses and the jail. Bob went to the blacksmiths while I sat it out resting. We went to the lodge for the karaoke in the evening but we didn't stay long as we both were hurting from two days on our feet.

Saturday we rested most of the morning, put back together the things that have dried out and then went to Jamestown.
It was the first successful settlement of the English Colonies 20 years before the Mayflower. Capt John Smith married Pocahontas here. We followed a ranger and learned some of the history before again walking around on our own.
Saw 3 deer and 2 turtles for our wildlife sightings.

That is until we went to the lodge in the evening. Had a great time getting to know the people there. We just can't seem to leave here so have extended our stay.

Toured Yorktown. It is where we won our Independence. It was a driving tour so our tired feet got to relax.

After we were done headed back to the motorhome and within 20 minutes we were on the road again. Arrived at the Elk's Lodge in Charlottesville, Va. Drove thru rain but it had stopped by the time we arrived and set up.


Barbara and Ron said...

That's the smallest violin I've ever seen!

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

What makes you think it was the violin that is small and not a very large man.