Monday, June 02, 2008

Home part 3

Sunday morning Bill and Terri and kids came by to see our new home. Bill helped Bob remove the front TV and took it home. Terri and the kids and Bob & I in two cars drove to Parma, near Cleveland, for Carson's First Communion/Birthday Party. Carson is my granddaughter, Tom's oldest daughter. Tom and his sister Terri.
Terri's kids Cody, Kristin and Katie.
There were about 50 people coming and going all day. Lots of food and games. We stayed overnight for more time with my grandkids, Carson, Maggie and Lizzy and of course their parents Tom and Cheryl.

Monday more visiting with the kids in the morning.

We then left to head home. Stopped at Camping World to buy a new GPS. Our's committed suicide by falling off the windshield and cracking the screen. We will send it back for repairs. On to Cracker Barrel in Canton for lunch and a visit with cousin Kay and Bob. On the way home there was a shopping trip at Walmart. We have decided to eat more at home and the right kinds of foods. After unpacking all of that we went to Bob's sister Penny's and Paul's home for dinner and a lovely visit.

Tuesday I went to Salem for a test at the hospital, walked around visiting old friends. Stopped at Walmart and filled with fuel. Visited briefly with an uncle and then home. Ran more errands then went to daughter Terri's for dinner. After we left we went to Walmart to get the new TV for the living room. They were out so we went over to Youngstown's WM and they had it.

Wednesday Bob installed the shelves

and the new TV in the overhead above the dash.
We were amazed all the stuff that went behind the TV. As Bob says it's an expensive way to get new storage however the picture is great. We took a brief break and went to calling hours for the mother of Bob's brother-in-law. Afterwards we stopped by one of my friends for a brief visit.

Thursday Bob finished wiring the other componets for the TV. Had an easier day and even sat out in the shade. The temp was 88 and the humidity even higher. WE WANT AZ. He sorted out the clowns for his kids and the rest were boxed for shipment to a clown museum in Nebraska. Took the other boxes back to Donna's, picked up our new brackets for the baskets in the bays that Karl built and some tools he wants to give away to friends. Back home Deb & Russ visited with us. He worked with Bob.

Friday morning Bob had a stress test. I dropped him off at the hospital, ran a couple of errands and went to my friend's for breakfast. Barb Good and I worked together for many years. We caught up on old times and friends and our travels. After picking Bob up we went for lunch then back home. It is miserably hot and humid so we sat outside in the shade and read and relaxed. It is the hottest day this year and broke a record. In the evening Vic and Jim invited us into the house for Tina's birthday dinner. A few of the folks were curious about our home so we had a short tour.

Saturday we went to John and Cynthia O'Conner's.

John worked at GM. We saw them in Missouli MT two summers ago. After our visit there we went to my daughter Tracy's for dinner. I went thru old family pictures and collected some to take to my Uncle George in New York. Tracy came out to show us her new pet. YUCK.
Back home we visited with Vic and Jim. At last a cooler night and seems like a tad less humidity.


Diana said...

Oh, poor Susie! Hope she gets better soon. At least she has a new little sister now.

Froggi Donna said...

Love to hear more detail on the shelving/TV install. Did you mount the TV on a hinge? That would be something I might want to get done...very interesting!

Barbara and Ron said...

Does Tracy's pet do any tricks? Cool idea with the TV.