Friday, June 13, 2008

On to New York

We moved on to New York state today. Friday the 13th. We went to Jamestown, NY and parked at the Moose Lodge. Free. We toured the Lucy and Desi Museum,
and the playhouse that has sets of their apartments.
There were murals of them all over town.
We then toured Roger Tory Peterson Natural History Museum. Peterson is the one who wrote the Peterson Bird Book Guides we have all used at one time or another. Back at the Lodge we went in for a delicious haddock dinner and have enough left over for another night. TV stations are almost non-existent here so we watched the Shooter cd that John had given us.

Still further we go. You think I10 thru La is bad, try 86 thru the southern tier of NYS. It was so bumpy we were driving only 45 mph. Anyway we relocated on Saturday to Watkins Glen Elk's lodge.
We have a beautiful view of Seneca Lake.

We are located on the hill right in the center of the picture.
It was rained off and on all day. Heidi, Bob's cousin from Brooklyn and her 3 year old daughter Veery
met us here for a family visit.
We went to dinner in the evening at Seneca Lodge.
We then drove to Montour Falls to look at this beautiful falls.

Sunday was a sunny day and we met Heidi and Veery for a hike thru the Watkins Glen Gorge.

Veery and I pooped out and headed back while Bob and Heidi continued. Since we did so well hiking we treated ourselves to ice cream.
Afterwards we went to the park on the lake to see if we could tire Veery out.
We were successful and they went to the motel for a nap. Bob and I went home and he worked on getting the Internet running. We get water inside the head and then it won't get the satellite. Got it running just as Heide and Veery got back to the motorhome. We warmed up a bunch of leftovers and had a nice visit.

Monday we met Audrey and Gary Wyatt from Salem at Ithaca. They are camped at Cortland and just started fulltiming while we were in Ohio. We first went to Robert Treman State Park and took a small hike to Lucifier Falls.

Up Rt 89 the Cayuga Winery Trail
we stopped at the overlook of Taughannock Falls

then onto several winery's for tasting.
We stopped for lunch overlooking Cayuga Lake then continued up the road. We had a great time tasting the wine at the Thirsty Owl. The man who served us told us about the wines in poetry that was hilarious. We parted from Audrey and Gary and headed for Senaca Falls while they returned to Cortland. We toured the Women's Rights Nat'l Historical Park before heading home along the eastern side of Seneca Lake.

Tuesday we moved to the Elk's Lodge in Wolcott, NY. My cousin Phil and Ann came from Webster, NY for a visit and lunch. Early evening there were little league games we watched thru the windshield.


Barbara and Ron said...

We stopped at the Elks in Watkins Glen for a drink - gosh was that gorgeous. But I seem to remember they said we couldn't park there. Is that true, Brenda?

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

If there is a function going on you can't park there. We did bottom out royally going in so leaving we didn't hitch up and we went uphill. Don't recommend going uphill from the main road. We called ahead as they are not listed in Carmichaels.