Saturday, June 21, 2008

"The Reunion"

The reason we returned east this year is because of my 50th class reunion. I grew up in a very small town and we had 6 in our graduation class in 1958. One has passed on. She had been in my wedding. Since the classes are so small there is no "class" reunion but instead there is an Alumni Banquet. The oldest class was 1935 and the newest class was 1983. Our school closed in 1986 and joined with Belleville. Our old school is now senior housing apartments. We visited my friends mother there. She is in the 4th and 5th grade classroom.
Next door is the church I was married in.

There was just one classmate besides myself from the class of 1958. Sally Bonnett Munson. I knew many from the classes ahead of me and behind me. Carol and Dick came up from Oswego and there were several who still live in the Henderson area. Our principal Mr. Lamb was honored with a scholarship in his and his wife's name being started for future students.

Carole and Sally.

The Shaver's

Carole, Sally and Me
Sally and I were presented with a gift for our 50 years.

This painting was in our school library and it presents the landing of Samuel De Champlain in our harbor.
It is right near my father's old house.

When we left we drove to Watertown to see my Uncle who was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He is the healthiest sick person there. At 88 that's a good statement.

We also stopped by my friends, Sid Davis. Also saw my old school bus driver.

We returned to the campground.
This is the view from the overlook at the state park where we are staying.

We rested the balance of the day, getting ready to move on tomorrow toward Maine. We will follow the St. Lawrence River north.

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Barbara and Ron said...

So, your friend's mother is in the 4th and 5th grade classroom? How funny is that? Made me LOL! Looked like a good turnout for the reunion.