Thursday, July 24, 2008

Down the Penisula

We started down the peninsula by a different route. I had read that Englee was a do not miss so we headed for there. Stopped at Roddickton and found an abandon school to park at then took the toad the rest of the way. At the very tip of Englee we found this wonderful place to sit, rock and watch the waves and birds.
A nice cool breeze as today is the hottest weather we have had yet. High 80's and maybe even a 90 without the breeze.

Continuing south we had to head north then west to get back on the main highway on the west coast. Went thru many miles of ponds and forest. Bob caught a glimpse of 2 moose. I was driving so didn't see them. We stopped for fuel. $377 for 62 gal. that is $6.07 a gal. Glad the price had gone down 5 cent a liter or that would have been 19 cents more a gal. or almost $12 more.

We pulled out at the same rest area where we whale watched on our way up peninsula. Rested and had lunch. By this time we had cool weather. Not even 70 and it was fog, turning to mist, and by the time we settled in Cow Head it started to sprinkle. When we went thru on our way up we noticed a lounge out of business so we parked there. Our windshield looks out on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. We went to the library to get our email etc then visited a small museum. In the evening we went to the Gros Morne Theater and saw a play about a crippled Irishman. It was good. Afterwards we went to the pub next door. Several of the actors where there and we met a nice younger couple. He is also an actor and started the theater festival in Gros Morne.

We had a day of rest. Not planned but since it was raining out we stayed home. Bob had a good mystery book and I had a jigsaw puzzle. We went out to dinner.

Before leaving Cow Head we did a mile hike to the lighthouse. Then headed toward Rocky Harbour. We stopped at Western Brook Pond and hiked 1.8 miles one way to the boat tour that took us to what used to be a fjord. It was very beautiful.

There were many waterfalls, some were even dry until yesterday's rain.

We continued on to Rocky Harbour and found a closed business and made camp. We hailed some Escapees that were going by and got our hug fix. After dinner we went to the lighthouse

we can see from our motorhome.

The view of Rocky Harbour looking from the lighthouse toward our motorhome. Can you see it?
The sun set over that peninsula.
A couple who were on the boat ride recognized our rv and stopped by for a visit.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Either you've really been posting or I really got behind! It sounds like you're not having any problem finding places to park. That boat tours really looks cool.