Monday, July 28, 2008

Newfoundland Oddities

These are a few of the odd things we have run across in our travels thru this beautiful province.

Along side the roads, sometimes in the middle of nowhere, there will be a road side garden.
It will be fenced in and have things hanging to scare away the birds. Why along the road side? When the road was built the grading was like tilling the soil and since Newfoundland is nicknamed the "Rock" that was where there was soil available.

The next thing you notice is huge piles of wood.
They harvest the trees in the winter time. Haul them out to the roadside with snowmobiles and these sleds. Left to dry during the summer months, cut into lengths and then hauled to their homes for heating during the next winter.

What is truly amazing is there is no stealing or pilfering of your garden produce or your wood.

Since I mentioned the "rock" we also see telephone/power poles that are held up by inserting them in boxes of rocks.

Also instead of garbage cans they use these trash boxes at the end of their driveways. Filled plastic bags are put in them and the boxes prevent the crows, seagulls and ravens from scattering the trash.

Some are very fancy and some are in pretty settings.

These are extra bridges that are next to the highway bridges. We believe they are for the snowmobiles in the winter as they don't look to be old bridges and they are near snowmobile trails.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Very interesting and thanks for getting the scoop for us. They have the trash boxes here too, but we didn't find out why. We knew they couldn't be to keep out the bears.