Thursday, July 17, 2008


Wednesday morning Bob continued to work on getting the internet up and running. Having trouble with the equipment and the satellite we are assigned to. He has been able to communicate using Skype to our dealer in Eugene OR. Enough was enough and we went to Cape Anguille to see the lighthouse there.
It was a beautiful sunny day and a pretty drive. Wish it was like this yesterday when we went to the foggy lighthouse. When we returned we moved the motorhome to Stephenville 80 miles up the road. Found a beautiful waterfront sitethat is free and just a half mile from town.
It is at the end of the old USAF base. We went to the library for the free wi-fi and on our return Gene and Martha were here. I cooked a delicious beef stew and Bob continued to work on the internet. Martha said we could use their wi-fi but we were just a tad to far out of range so we relocated in the parking lot so be closer to them. We used Skype to check our voicemails on the cellphones (which are useless) and got a message from our fiance company that they needed the title to the motorhome overnighted to them. First we had to find it. We did. Then we had to email them to find out where to send it.
Our sunset
Our moonrise from the motorhome.

Thursday we drove out to the Port au Port Peninsula.

It was a lovely day and most of the way was along the shoreline. Back at Stephenville we quickly checked the emails got the address and went to the post office. No overnight mail but there is 2 day delivery and it only cost $33. Off it went. Martha and Gene invited us for dinner along with some "Newfie" friends they made when they got lost coming into town. We had a lovely dinner and visit with them. Darrell and Mary Lou, her parents Bruce and Cordelia, her brother Jim, and their daughter Tatiyana and her friend Victoria.
Bob was also working on finding a solution to the MotoSat and they are having to ship him parts. Darrel, has agreed to receive the package at his business in Corner Brook and we will pick it up in about 2 weeks on our return from St. Anthony.

Friday we took a drive to Corner Brook and then along the Humber Bay of Islands to the farthest point at Lark Harbor.
Found this beautiful waterfall on the way.
We found a quaint restaurant and went in for a delicious lunch of seafood chowder with huge chunks of lobster and whole shrimp. We split a crab sandwich too. We were told to go to go to Bottle Cove and we wanted so badly to kayak there we have decided to come again on a nicer day. Nearby was Little Port.
There were men fixing a huge net. On the way back off the Arm we stopped at Blow Me Down Provencial Park and it was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

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The Russell's said...

Hi Donna & Bob!

It was great to meet you while you were in Stephenville! We've just discovered your blog! The pictures are absolutely beautiful. It makes us ashamed that we don't travel more extensively in our own province!!! Looks like you're having a lovely visit. Maybe we'll see you on your way back to the ferry!

Mary-Lou & Family