Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Before leaving Baddeck we toured the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. He and his wife summered up here. He was born in Scotland and these parts reminded him of home. He invented quite a few things while here and one of them was a hydrofoil boat.

After we left the campground we went down the road a few miles and pulled over by another rv park that advertised free wi-fi and we sat there for almost 2 hours getting our internet fix. We continued on until we got to North Sydney. Found the parking lot of the Canadian Legion and parked there overnight. It wasn't open so we had no one to ask but we have heard that American Legion members can be guests of the Canadian Legion. We walked around town looking for lobster to eat and ended up warming last night's seafood leftovers. Bob was able to get the internet up and running tonight.

We got up early (it gets light around 4:30am). Readied the rig after breakfast and hit the lines early at the ferry. Around 7:30 for our 9:30 trip which didn't leave until 12. Had a nice visit with a couple in the truck camper ahead of us. The ferry ride took until 7:30ish to arrive at NFL. We drove 23 miles after arriving to go to a cg that has wifi so Bob can get our internet up and running right.

We went back to the town the ferry is in and stopped at the visitor center. Outside there was a truck parked that had an "Escapee" sticker on it. I went in and a lady was just leaving the guest book and had signed their names. It was Gene and Martha who I had been in contact with via email but had never met. We instantly exchanged Escapee hugs and then headed for Rose Blanche Lighthouse. The farther we went the foggier it got but it still was very beautiful.

The lighthouse is between Bob's arms.
Here it is!
Before restoration.
Bob tried to climb the stairs but they only go part way.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Love the foggy shots - you can almost hear the fog horn.