Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nova Scotia

Wow, we woke to a beautiful sunny day with puffy clouds in the sky at Pictou, NS. This was our overnight free spot.
We walked uptown toward the Hector Heritage Center. Asked a couple on the street where a good place was for breakfast and they directed us to Sharon's. We invited them to sit with us and hence we have found new acquaintence. Meet Sharon and Dave from Dartmouth NS.
They are staying at a campground nearby. After a delightful visit and breakfast we continued on to Hector. This area was settled by the Scottish in 1773 and the town has established a great museum and a replica of the ship that brought them. Hard to imagine the hardships they endured in an 11 1/2 week voyage in a ship like this with 189 people on board.

We then headed out to our next destination, Baddeck. Bob has never been to Cape Breton or on the Cabot Trail. We checked into a campground. It has changed names but it is the same campground I stayed in 9 years ago.
Paid a lot more now. Just before getting here we put 70 gals of diesel in for $416. Between fuel and cg I think this may be an expensive summer.

Bob was unable to get either the internet or satv up and running. I guess we are too far north or else a tree was in the way. We went for a walk after our dinner at home and visited with a few people around the campground. We were treated to a fantastic sunset.

Again a beautiful day and we drove over 210 miles seeing the Cabot Trail and taking numerous side roads. We drove to the very tip of Nova Scotia. Called Meat Cove. There we picniced and changed drivers for the last half. There aren't words to describe the beauty we saw today so here are some pictures to share with you.

Near Ingonish with the Lobster Boats.
Mary Ann Falls

Our picnic view at Meat Cove.
Looking back to our picnic site.
And we thought Columbus had already done it.

The way the Scottish settler's lived.

Coming down the west side now.

And then there are the scarecrows.
Do you recognize these two?


Diana said...

Beautiful pictures! I was wondering when you would get too far north to use your dish.

Brenda said...

You're paying a little more for fuel than we are. I just filled in Gillette Wyoming, 69 gallons for $311.00. It hurts, but not enough to quit traveling. Love your posts.

Barbara and Ron said...

Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous scenery! I put one on my desktop.

Cheryl Huffer said...

OMG!!!! You people are crazy! I sweat when I put 70.00 in my Toyota Sienna!