Monday, August 11, 2008

Bonavista Peninsula

We left the Kittiwake Coast and stopped at Glovertown. Parked the motorhome and took the toad out to Salvage

at the end of a small peninsula. We were told we could see puffins there but that wasn't the case. It was pretty scenery. We toured the Fisherman's Museum
and even went to the beach.

We hooked up again and drove down to the Bonavista Peninsula. We found a parking lot at a church with a view of the bay.

The next day we drove the Bonavista Peninsula. We were very glad we had parked the motorhome. The roads were bad and in towns the streets very narrow. We drove to the small coves along the way. Tickle Cove surprised us with this pretty sea arch.

The rock is very fine layers of sandstone.

At the very tip is Bonavista Cape where John Cabot first set foot on North America. There is a statue of him.
And a replica of his ship.

A Lighthouse.



We continued on to the south side and more coves. We were told to go to Trinity. It is a small historic town but what really caught our eye was the beautiful lighthouse in the harbor.
We tried 3 "arms" before we got to the right one to drive to it.
We passed by this mussel farms.

There was also tall rocks off shore.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Ohhhh. . . You saw puffins! Now I'm really jealous!