Friday, August 08, 2008

Pound Cove/Barbour Village

We continued around the Kittiwake Coast and stopped at Pound Cove for the night at an arena parking lot. We searched in vane for WiFi hot spots and along the way saw some pretty scenery.

We stopped and toured Barbour Village At Newtown
It is a living heritage village and we took a tour of it. It was a mercantile premises and is still visited by the family.

The father built his son's a double house. Each side was identical and connected.
But he built it so that if they ever fought a dividing wall could be put up between the 2 halves.

The story of Capt. Job Barbour is told. He spent 48 days at sea in a storm trying to go from St. John's to Newtown and ended up in Tobermory, Scotland.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That house is really interesting. I guess they never had a falling out.