Thursday, September 11, 2008

Discovery Rally

We continued the Discovery rally. Bob went on a bus trip to the Discovery Factory at Decatur IN. while I drove to Napannee to visit friends I knew from my camping days at Wagon Wheel RV park in Wauchula, FL. Dorothy, Doris and I had a nice visit reminising. Afterwards, I went to see Martha Love also from the same park. I then drove to Amish Acres to pick up tickets for the dinner theater that the Discovery Group did in the evening. The dinner was family style and good Amish cooking. The play was Plain and Fancy. A comedy.

Breakfast early at the rally. We both attended seminars. Bob did a CAT one while I went to convection/cooking class. I may learn how to use it before a new cooking devise is invented if I attend enough of these. On the other hand I warm up restaurant leftover's real good. The internet man arrived and worked for about 2 hours before departing to consult with Salt Lake City to see what to do. There was a dinner in the evening and then fantastic entertainment. New Odyssey from Chicago. 3 fellows play over 30 instruments and throw in a lot of comedy to boot. Check this picture out real carefully and see who is playing what instrument.

We attended classes and discussion groups in the morning. Back to the surplus store in Elkhart and then visited
the RV/MH Museum.
Saw a lot of the old historic rv's.
The oldest.
One made from a Cadillac.
And the prettiest.
The Hall of Fame with the founder's of Escapee's plaque. Back at the motorhome Brian the internet dish man returned and they removed the dish to ship back to Salt Lake City for diagnosis and repair. After the evening dinner the entertainment was a magician. We had front row seats and still couldn't tell how he did it.

Bob's cousin Betty and her husband Ken came down from MI to visit with us. We went out for lunch to the South Side Diner. Again the evening dinner was followed by entertainment. Dave and Daphne from Nashville. We have started to get the rain from Ike and in addition it is hot. We are hooked up to 50 amp electric and the AC sure helps.

We are on the fringe of the fairgrounds Wifi so Bob rigged up an antenna. Hey, it used to work on rabbit ears and helps with the computer also.

Sunday, the Discovery Rally is over and we are heading to the Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina OH.


Diana said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Great picture of the band playing each other's instruments. I REALLY like the antenna on the computer. I could have used that in Canada!

Barbara and Ron said...

OMG, an aluminum foil antenna! That takes me back. How clever that it works. Donna, maybe you can give a convection cooking class to the WINs.