Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gypsy Journal Rally

We left the Goshen Fairgrounds and the Discovery Rally Sunday morning when the leftovers of hurricane Ike was just reaching the area. I drove about 20 miles in a misty rain before getting out of it. Settled down in the 3rd spot we were assigned. The first was under oak trees and the wind was causing the acorns to drop on the roof and we were afraid our solar panels would be damaged. The second spot was too far away from the power pole for our short cord and the 3rd was AOK. We quickly set up and then invited our neighbors over for a game of dominoes. Then the winds really kicked up. 50+ mph winds were buffeting our side and coated all the rigs with dirt. We decided to go to dinner and then stopped at the Eagles Aarie.

Monday the rally kicked in. The sun came out.
123 rigs have showed up. Nick welcomed us.
There are a lot of seminars to attend. Vendors are here also and we did some shopping. We bought a Blue Ox braking system for the toad. Most states will eventually require them and if we should have an accident where we caused it because of not braking quickly enough it won't be because of the added weight of the car. If the car becomes disconnected accidently it will brake by itself and not go over a cliff or crash into something. We also bought fire extinguishers and an extinguisher system for in the engine compartment and generator compartments. No sense having our home go up in flames. In the evening there was music, cards games, dancing or just relaxing. While Bob had the door up for installation of the fire system, I got in a cleaning mood. Organized book shelves, our rv systems bag was a mess and I filed things so we could find them. Got rid of a lot of junk and now we can see into the cabinets and drawers and find things. One night we had a pizza party and entertainment.
One More Time sang with a little comedy thrown in.

Every evening we played cards with Judy & Jim Ives and Linda & Ray Palmer. Our last evening with them we went to the Eagles Lodge and had pizza and tried their "oatmeal cookies". Hmmm. Oatmeal Cookies is a drink made with 3 liquors that tasted just like oatmeal cookies.

Nick and Terry closing the rally.

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Wandrin said...

A love of oatmeal cookies doesn't sound like a good idea. %\

So what is in one of those oatmeal cookies?