Sunday, September 21, 2008

After the Rally

We stayed over at the fairgrounds as it is a Passport American park and is only $10 a night for electric site. We drove to Dayton on Friday morning and toured the National Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. From the earliest aircraft....balloons to modern jet's we learned about aviation. This is the plane that dropped the bomb on Japan that ended WWII.
Who said there aren't any flying saucers. While we were looking at this a lady said she had seen it flying by her school in New Mexico when she was in 3rd grade. We saw presidental air force 1 planes also. Including the one that brought Kennedy's body back to DC and where Johnson was sworn in.
This one flew the fastest 4520 mph.
That is a Vertijet and lands and takes off on at yellow platform.

When we left there we went to Esther Price's Candy store. My husband sold chocolate to her and then to the men who bought it from her. Ralph and Jim. Jim and his family still run the business but Jim wasn't there. We did do tasting and then bought a couple of boxes. From there we went to dinner with Fred and Marilyn a couple who were on my Alaska trip. We had a great visit with them and hope to see them out on the road sometime. Sorry, I forgot to get their picture.

We stayed on Saturday and worked our butts off. While Bob started the waterless cleaning of the motorhome on the outside, I did the cleaning on the inside. I had attended a class on green cleaning and mixed up vinegar and alcohol and went to town. We both used microfiber clothes we purchased and WOW does our home sparkle. We went out to dinner with Ida Tompkins a single rving friend.

Sunday we finished up the washing of the motorhome, dumped the tanks, got water and headed to Peoria, IL where we got our engine serviced on Monday.

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Barbara and Ron said...

So what's the verdict on picture number two? Is it a UFO?