Thursday, September 25, 2008


The service was completed on our motorhome near Peoria at 6pm. It was very noisy there from I74 so we left the area. About 40 miles north we came upon a roadside picnic area and parked for the night. It was so quiet we could even hear the blades on the wind generators right around us.

Tuesday we continued north into Wisconsin. We stopped at the House on the Rock and toured it. This is the infinity room from the inside
and the outside.
Lots of stained glass lamps. Interesting little rooms. No bedrooms and we were told that the man who built it, Alex Jordan only actually slept in it 4 nights. Attached to it are a great number of other interconnecting rooms that house a huge collection of everything. It took us about 4-5 hours to wander thru and that was at a fairly fast pace.
Even the restrooms were decorated.
The ladies another ladies. The men's.
The carousel is awesome with 20,000 lights and not a single horse. The Heritage of the Sea room has a huge whale and octopus battling. It is 200 ft long. There are huge music machines filling entire rooms. The butterfly art is impressive. The organ room is huge and filled with them. The there are over 250 dollhouses. Not to mention the circus room that took 14 people over 3 years to display the 2 million pieces that fill it. Bob put in tokens to play the 40 pc animated Circus Band. Check out this video. Continuing on to the last part was the galleries which housed weapons, oriental artworks, armor (for elephants also), and replicas of the Crown Jewels. These huge flower pots line the drive in and are placed around the property.

We continued onto Spring Green where we found the American Legion to small so parked at a church and went to dinner. The next morning we checked out Talison East Visitor Center for Frank Lloyd's house. They wanted $42 for a 2 hour tour and felt that was much to much.


Diana said...

House on the Rock really is an amazing place. I think I took about 500 pictures, including all the ones you have here. Miss you guys!

Barbara and Ron said...

Interesting pictures - I've never been there. Where's the video?