Monday, September 29, 2008

Visiting Family

9/24 We arrived at Bob's nephew Steve's farm at Deer Park, WI just east of the Twin Cities. We got our mail and had a nice family dinner and visit. They have 2 boys Galen 7 & Sabin 9. They enjoyed looking over our home on wheels.
They gathered around the computer to see the pictures we have taken in our travels.

Thursday was our twice monthly laundry day and back home we worked on our potential itinerary for our westward trip. Early evening was spent at the kids' school where they had a hoe-down. A zillion kids running around, a DJ that blasted music till the roof shook. We did get a great picture of Steve working the ring toss for pop.
We left after an hour and had a quiet dinner. Late evening was spent visiting with Julie and Steve.

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