Thursday, October 23, 2008

Las Vegas

We moved into the Thousand Trails park in Las Vegas. What a difference. We had a beautiful view and lots of space at Boulder Beach and now we are crammed together but have full hookups. We are killing time waiting to go to Death Valley, doing chores, shopping, playing pegs & joker's, hot tub and pool, walking, karaoke, meeting new people, gambling (after all we are in Vegas) and generally vegging out.

Bob went to the Apple Store for lessons and info on the computer, installed the remote braking monitor, a water filter at the sink and the refrigerator, got the remote for our printer working, made the CD of the play, while I cleaned the refrigerator and reorganized cabinets and closet and fought an ant infestation.

Got Bob his new cell phone. He has the same # but is Verizon now. Part of my son's family plan.

We visited with Jody, a "Win friend". Carl and Mary Ann from Boulder City. Billie and Rich here in Vegas. They got us free tickets for the Danny Gans show at the Mirage.

On Halloween we went to Fremont Street. Lots of people dressed up.

Watched 2 of the light shows on the overhead display. It's 4 blocks long and 5 stories high.

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