Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boulder Beach

Altho the next part of the Win's tour doesn't start until Tuesday we left on Monday. Many others were already here. After finding a site we headed off to town to catch up on laundry then went and visited Carl and Maryann. The four of us went to dinner at Toto's, a very good Mexican restaurant and had a wonderful visit.

Tuesday at 9 am the group met at the site next door to us for Hugs & Mugs. The rest of the day we hung around camp. We put out the carpet and because the patio side of our rig was in the sun we hung out our sunshade for the first time since we made it in Florida. I did needlework and Bob worked on the computer and some other projects. At 4 was circle and there were around 40 of us gathered. 13 of us went kayaking on the lake as the full moon rose. Awesome. Quite a few of us went to the nearby casino for the prime rib buffet and a little gambling. One gal put in 25 cents and when we saw her she was up to $7. Big gambler.

Wednesday was thrift store shopping. 3 car loads of us went to Henderson and went to 3 (or more) thrift shops. Some were shopping for clothing for the play that will be put on this week. It was fun to outfit Brad in ladies clothes. How do you think he looks? We went to Sweet Tomatoes for the salad buffet lunch and then back to the campground for some R&R before circle. We have 43 here presently and each day one or two more show up. Tonight we watched the last presidential debate. I guess it's time to flip the coin.

Thursday was a busy day yet we did nothing much exciting. We cleaned our kayaks, Bob helped Tom install his new TV, I gave Bob a haircut and finished another needlework piece. The group went to Las Vegas for the Fremont Experience we stayed home and watched TV and rested from our busy day.

Friday we went to town. Got the mail, did a little shopping and had lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant. Back at the park everybody was getting ready for the "play". It was Murder in Margaritaland. There were about 20 in the cast. Bob played the bartender who was having affairs with most of the women...some were men dressed as ladies. and some of the women were dressed as men. He was killed so then proceeded to tape the action. We all had a great time. Afterwards a few of us stayed on for a campfire.

Saturday we stayed home. Bob had the motorhome torn apart again with wires hanging everywhere but managed to get it all back together before night time. I repaired our outside lounge chairs. In the evening there was a slide show on the side of Pete's motorhome. It was a double feature. Slides of the Wins Lake Powell houseboat trip. 48 of them having a great time among great scenery. Then they showed the video of last nights play so the actors could see what their preformance was like. They have decided NOT to repeat the play.

Sunday was "Fun at the Beach". We had races. The rubber duck race where the participants pushed a rubber duck with their kayak paddle
and the "Backward Paddle race".
I helped judge.
Chuck demonstrated paddling techniques and then there was the falling out and getting back in training. In the evening we had a "Burn Your Own". A lot of grills were set up, we brought meat and a dish to pass. Afterwards Bob and I went to the nearby casino for a little gambling. He came out with over $30. I lost $5. He sat next to me at a poker machine while I was losing my last dollar and he put in a dollar to kill time. He got 5 dueces and won 500 points or $25.

Today is our last day with the Wins for a bit. We are staying on at Las Vegas while they move on to Bullhead City. It has been fun. A few of us went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant.


Diana said...

Love your photo of the full moon. Great shots of the murder mystery too!

Barbara and Ron said...

I like the caulk line around Bob!