Friday, October 10, 2008

Echo Bay

We pulled into the Lake Mead Recreation Area called Echo Bay. Our Win friends are gathering there. Found a beautiful site with a great view near to a special friend Sherri. Bob is still under the weather with the cold I gave him so after a short visit and a quick dinner we hit the sack at 7pm. We are on Pacific time and with our swift journey across the country it had caught up with us.

We relaxed most of the next day around the camp and visited. Joined the group for our 4:30 circle, went to dinner at the hotel and danced and visited all evening.

Hugs and Mugs was at 9 am and several were going hiking at Valley of Fire or to the Lost City Museum in Overton. We opted to stay home and catch up on a few things we haven't done in our swift journey across the heartland. Circle again at 4 and report of days activites along with seeing more new friends who came. Dancing again in the evening after eating dinner at home. I made strawberry shortcake with scratch biscuits. I am getting good with the convection oven. And no I am not giving lessons.

Hugs & Mugs again in the morning. We decided not to go with the group. Bob had never been to Valley of Fire so we headed to Overton. Fueled up first, visited the Lost City Museum, had lunch at Sugars and then headed to the state park. The red rock colors were beautiful. We took a hike to Mouse's Tank and at the beginning we met a man and his family. He had gone to school for archeology and was very knowledgeable about petroglyphs. We followed them along and saw many more than what we would have seen on our own. Learned the names of them and some of the known meanings.
The big one to the right is Spider Woman. Bob had to climb up into a niche to get this picture.
We continued driving around the park for other pretty views. We missed the evening circle but visited with a few of the gang and had 4 of them in to watch the DVD of the New Odyssey group we saw at the Discovery Rally

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Barbara and Ron said...

And they're back! I'm sure you're having fun catching up.