Tuesday, October 07, 2008


We continued on completely through WY only stopping for driver switches and breaks along I80. We beelined for Salt Lake City's Antelope Island State Park to meet up with Bud and Nancy, friends of mine since high school. They had cocktails and dinner ready for us after our 530+ mile day. We have both vowed not to repeat such a long day but since it is now snowing in those mountain passes we came through we are glad we did it. We had very strong winds during the night.

It rained most of the next day. We added two more days to our stay and had to relocate the rig to a different site. It turned out we were right across the street from Bud and Nancy.
Bob and I cooked dinner for them and we played Pegs & Jokers all evening.

The sun came out on our last day there and we had a picnic. Bob made his great hot sausage sandwiches. The buffalo put on quite a show for us. We had 10 right in our front yard. People kept coming all afternoon to see them. We started up playing pegs and joker's again along with cocktails. We had a great time with them.

Monday morning we all headed out early.
They are heading to AZ and we headed to Motosat to retrieve our internet dish. They applied it. And it didn't work. So after much of the day Bob said enough is enough. Take it off and he upgraded to a newer model and it WORKS! We spent the night in their parking lot and Bob ran the thing up and down all night and into the next morning to be sure it really would work. After he settled up we headed south on the back roads west of I15 from Tooele to Milford. The snowcapped mountains were beautiful and the drive was without traffic stress. We even did a "George" today and made a lunch stop and ran up the internet dish. We settled in at the Lion's campground for the night.

Wednesday morning we drove 90 miles over to NV to tour the Great Basin National Park. We went to the visitor center and booked for the 1pm tour of Lehman Caves and then drove up the Wheeler Peak scenic drive. 12 miles up to the 10,000' level. Took some of these pretty pictures.

We then went down to the visitor center and took the tour. Some more pretty pictures.
I had stayed here before and it was just before labor day and had snow so I did the tour then. Our guide did a candlelight tour then but that is no longer allowed.

The next day we left Utah. Went straight south thru the beautiful Virgin River valley. I drove the 211 miles to Echo Bay on Lake Mead in NV where our Win group is gathering.


Barbara and Ron said...

530 miles - that's nuts! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I want to stay on Antelope Island. Did you have to make reservations?

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

We didn't have reservations. Our friends went and paid for our first night as there was only a few sites left. But when the wind and rain started those who were there left and those who were to come never showed. Including the spot we HAD to move from.