Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heading south

We headed south out of Death Valley. We were stopped on our way to Baker by a filming crew using the road for a Chrysler commercial. At Baker we stopped for lunch and joined Judy and Evelyn. We continued on into the Mojave Desert National Monument and just north of I40 we found a lovely pullout where we made camp for the night. Had a beautiful sunset and sunrise. In the morning Bob worked on the solar panels and batteries to boost our limited power since our panels were destroyed. I made phone calls since it was the first time in a week we had cell service.

Continuing on into AZ we dropped down to the La Paz County Park near Parker where the WIN's are. Our first visitors were Dottie and Curt who arrived just as we were setting up. They have a home nearby. The group's circle was at 4 and we joined them. They planned next falls kayaking circuit. They asked us to head it up but we won't be joining them at the beginning so we volunteered to host Boulder Beach. We really like it there and go every year. We went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Corned beef and cabbage sure sounded good and it definitely isn't a dish I cook.

The next day 37 of us did a 7 mile kayak trip down the Colorado River to the local casino. After arriving we all went in for the buffet lunch.
We sat out and watched the sunset.
Since we had exercised our upper bodies in the morning it was time for the lower part so we went back to the casino in the evening for dancing.

At hugs the next morning it was decided we were too tired to kayak. Bob discovered that our shattered solar panels were putting out a little so he caulked them flat onto our roof top until we can get them replaced. I cleaned out the car. It took 2 hours of vacuuming to get the dirt, dust and glass out of it and then reorganized. After circle we went to the Elk's lodge with Curt and Dottie for the Mexican dinner and back to their place to see the pictures of their Egyptian cruise.

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