Saturday, November 15, 2008

Continuing South -Quartzsite

On we go. This time an overnight at Quartzsite. We parked at the Hi Jolly BLM campsite about 2 miles out of town. While I started our laundry, Bob went to get an estimate for the replacement of the solar panels for the insurance company. He completed the laundry while I went shopping at the craft store for some needlework threads. We finished the laundry then headed for lunch at Sweet Darlene's. Funny to see only 6 people there. Come January we will have to stand in line to get in. Afterwards we headed to the Yacht Club. Yes, there is a yacht club in the desert. It is our local watering hole and has the best band, Hot Country, formerly the Silver Buckle Band. We found they would be playing tonight. On we went to the other side of town to check out the changes in two years. Stopped at Gambler's. It is a surplus rv supplies store. Bob picked out two replacement fluorescent lights for the bathroom. They use less electricity than the incandescent. Back home we sat out in the shade, had supper and did our computer time. Headed in to the Yacht Club and found old friends there. Millie from Moab and Pete a Win friend. The boys in the band were as good as ever and we danced a few. We enjoyed Millie singing with them.

Since our plans are written in jello we decided to stay a second night. Our Win friends who had moved on to Blythe on the kayaking circuit had decided to come to Quartzsite for pizza at Silly Al's and dancing at the Yacht Club. Since we like to do both we stayed. A huge gang came and the poor waitress kept adding tables as they came. Luckily they straggled in so she never really was swamped. Brad had ordered cheesy bread and when he got back from visiting he found this one piece left. We pretended we had all enjoyed it but actually we had just hidden the basket. Had a great time dancing also.

During the day Bob installed the lights in the bathroom and banged around on the roof doing something. I worked on finishing a piece of needlework to apply to one of our rig's pillows. Got to display them somehow and we have run out of walls. Bob frowns when I say I am going to velcro them to the ceiling.

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Barbara and Ron said...

The WINs take over Silly Al's - how great!