Monday, November 17, 2008

Further South/Almost to Mexico

We continued south and crossed into California. Joined up with Bud and Nancy on Ogilby Road. We are about 6 miles north of I8 and 2o west of Yuma. We are on the desert. Beautiful mountains on one side of us and the sand dunes in the other direction. Sat on the shady side of the rig and watched the sunset against the mountains.

Monday morning we headed to Algodones MX. Our dentist wasn't in today so we made an appointment for Wednesday. Bob got new eye glasses and I got my medication. It is half of what I paid a year ago. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant with our favorite waiter serving us. Then bought our favorite tequila. The wait at custom's took 30 minutes instead of the usual 1-1 1/2 hours. Some people bring weird things thru customs. Back home we sat outside again with Bud and Nancy.

Our next day consisted of puttering around the rig and visiting. Just as I was making lunch 2 Win friends dropped in, George and Linda. They had seen our rig parked out here and just stopped. Can't hide even in the middle of nowhere. Our kayaks give us away. I had made calls today to set up lawyer and doctor visits. We were invited to a seminar the lawyer was presenting, so we went into town for dinner and the seminar. Before coming home we drove out to the SKP park to see where we are on the waiting list for a lot. #78. Should be about 5 years.

Wednesday we again headed to Algodones to get our teeth cleaned. $35 each. Made appointments for December for fillings and then headed for a small lunch. Stopped at the Purple Store. It is a drug store and got medications for a friend. We stopped by the BLM land at the VFW to look up some Win friends. Visited with Sharon and Dick then went to the post. Our evening was spent with Bob and Nancy whom we met on a cruise almost 2 years ago. We went to the Olive Garden.

Thursday we stuck around home until after lunch. I will never get used to these time zones so close together. We switched our clocks to CA and Bud and Nancy use AZ. They get up earlier and go to bed earlier, eat meals earlier etc. We were having our lunch on CA time when I suddenly realized that our 2 pm AZ appointment was 10 minutes away and we had a 30 minute drive to get there. Called the office and told them we would be a little late. We saw an attorney for estate planning and to be sure everything is legally setup for our relationship. We tried to surprise a friend at the restaurant where she works but it was her day off. Back home the sun was setting and we had a campfire to celebrate Nancy's birthday.

Today was spent gathering all our information, making copies and I ran them into the attorney's office. Nancy rode along. On our way home I spotted a Win friend, Evelyn parked about 6 miles from us. Chatted a few minutes and then back home the guys had started happy hour that extended a few more hours.

Our last day we went to the big flea market in Yuma. Spent several hours there. Stopped at the casino on the way home for lunch and a little slot playing. We had a lovely sunset that night and Nancy and I got this beautiful fire going to really enjoy it. We went inside for pegs and jokers.


Barbara and Ron said...

I guess you're going to Borrego - we're on our way!

Diana said...

Saw your car outside of Algodones - it's hard to miss with the kayaks on top.