Monday, November 24, 2008

Borrigo Springs Thanksgiving

Every year our Win group gathers on the Anzio-Borrigo desert to celebrate the holiday with our traveling family. We said our goodbyes to Bud and Nancy and drove further into CA. It was a lonely drive as Bob could not get the car into neutral to be towed. We unhitched it and he drove the car and I led the way in the motorhome. On arrival we visited with friends we have seen recently and those we haven't seen in over a 1 1/2 years and met new Wins who will soon become friends. Circle was at 4 and we were told what the coming week will bring and the evening fire was full of chatter. We had a beautiful sunset.

After hugs some went hiking but Bob had to repair the car so we can tow it. I finished applying my piece of needlework to one of our pillows. 12 of us went out to the Mexican restaurant in town. Then there was the campfire when we got back.

Tuesday Bob went hiking at Palm Canyon
and I went to Julian with a large group of WIN's. Every store we went in there was a Win. 21 of us met for lunch at Rongbranch. Julian is famous for it's apple pies.
I broke my diet and had pie ala mode. More people have arrived and the count now stands at 74.

Wednesday we drove back to Yuma for my doctor's appointment. It was for 3:20 and when we got there he still had not seen his 1pm appointments. I waited 2 hours and then was offered to reschedule, I would NOT be seen today. I demanded my paperwork back and we headed back home. A 300 mile day and all we accomplished was getting Bob a pair of hiking shoes.

At Hugs in the morning we were given two packages of stuffing to warm up and we fixed a scallop potato dish for our donation to the dinner. At 1pm we all gathered for our feast. Bob and I helped serve for the second shift so we got to eat first. Rain clouds were fast approaching so the tables were cleared just in time after eating. We were blessed by God with a beautiful rainbow. All the food will be brought out again tomorrow and we will gain more weight. Several are making turkey soup for our Saturday dinner and the rest of the leftovers. In the evening we burned the Win candle. A large log is cut 3/4 of the way down and a duct tape wick is inserted into the center and lit. Usually we number the pieces and friendly betting is done for which piece falls out first but this year that wasn't allowed and the candle was turned upside down for a different effect.

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