Saturday, November 29, 2008

Borrigo Springs Thanksgiving continues

All the food was brought out for our second Thanksgiving feast. Bob and I served along with Patty and 2 others. We then got to eat the leftovers. Still a lot left. The host asked for someone to volunteer to host next years event and guess who couldn't resist putting his hand in the air. You got it. We are the hosts for next year so we already know where we will be. In the evening we all descended on the American Legion for karaoke and dancing.

Saturday there was a hike to a slot canyon. Bob went but I had to stay home nursing my sore hip.

When they got back the turkey soup and pumpkin pies were served. In order to get rid of the pie, Nelda wouldn't bring out her cake. Everything was scarfed up. After circle in the afternoon we piled into our 4 wheel vehicles and drove to Font's Point for sunset.
Off in the distance, top middle,
you can see our camping area on the desert.
Bob and I went into town afterwards as the Am. Legion was having leftover turkey dinner. We then went to the rv park in town that has a restaurant and saloon for music and dancing where we met 10 other Win's.
Alot of our group have left this gathering to get the good spots at the next gathering. June led the way and Bob and I followed to check out a 4 wheel road to the Calcite Mine and a slot canyon.
Bob is shown here checking the road conditions.
We turned around.

When we got back we took a drive around the area to check out these metal sculptures.

Back home we gathered for an ice cream social. There was just a little shade but we crowded in and shared it.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Gosh, we missed the leftovers, soup, AND the ice cream!