Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Palm Springs

We said our goodbyes to the few Wins who were still around at Borrigo and headed north to Palm Springs. We are staying at a Thousand Trails park. Using our free days for this year. It is right along side I10 and railroad tracks and is a lot noisier than we are used to. Had to try 2 sites in order to get our internet dish to work thru the palm trees. Judy Porter is here also.

Tuesday morning Bob went to an auto parts store to get new shocks for the car and I joined Judy for the morning exercises at the swimming pool. Could hardly walk home. Jerry and Robbie stopped by for a visit and then the 4 of us went to Souplantation for early dinner. We then shopped at Costco for a few things. In the evening we wanted to play cards but I guess that isn't an activity here at this park.

Wednesday Bob put the shocks on the car. A neighbor moved in and ran over the pvc water pipe and our yard had a lake. Bob got a little wet under the car. We were going to get the kayaks out but the maintenance people got it under control. I just goofed off. Got out an old needlework project to work on and put away some groceries. When we go to Costco we always get too much and storage in an RV is a problem at these times.

Thursday Bob cleaned the batteries and tested them. It took him almost 6 hours. I walked to the pool for water exercises and barely made it. My hip was hurting me so bad. I spent the afternoon going to a doctor and getting xrays.

Friday we were sitting at the dinette doing our internet when Steam King pulled up to do our carpets. We had forgotten what day it was. We quickly got dressed, picked up everything sitting on the floor and vacated the rv. In about 20 minutes we had a clean floor and throw rugs. We then hopped into the car and went to Joshua Tree National Park for a 4 wheel drive. The loop we took was 20 miles and went thru Cottonwood Canyon. Here he is checking on if we could go forward or have to turn around.

Bob was very pleased with the new shock absorbers. He had added spacers also so we had better clearance and the larger tires were no longer hitting the wheel well. We then went to the Olive Garden to get my credit card that I had mistakenly left there the night before. Such honest workers there. That must be why my granddaughter works for them. We then went to Walmart for groceries. While putting them away Judy Porter came by for a visit.

Saturday was laundry day. While I did that Bob went to two NAPA stores to locate a fuse holder that keeps frying. This time he got a heavy duty one and installed it. His friends Charlie and Gail Parker are here at the park and came by to say they will visit. The afternoon was spent reading books in the sunshine and 80 degree weather. What a life but we are willing to make the sacrifice and do it.

Sunday was a complete turn around in the weather. It was cool in the 60's and cloudy until the afternoon. Bob went to visit Charlie and Gail while I put up our Christmas tree. Then I went over also. We went to lunch with them. In the evening they came over and we play pegs & jokers.

The next two days went by in a blur. Monday I went back to the doctor and was told I will need a new hip. Will check with the doctor when we get to Yuma.

Our 3rd anniversary of meeting was on Tuesday and we went to dinner with Charlie and Gail then played pegs and jokers in the evening. Where has the time gone. We leave tomorrow for Quartzsite.

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Barbara and Ron said...

And THAT is why we need a 4-wheel drive vehicle. How cool. And I really liked the picture with the palm trees.