Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quartzsite Round 2

Wednesday 12/10 We seem to be going in circles this winter. Quartzsite, Yuma, Palm Springs area and then round and round we go. We are on Polomosa Rd for the night. Parked here all by ourselves. Curt, Dottie and Celeste came down.
Curt helped Bob take down the damaged solar panels so we can have our new ones put on. We then visited until the sunset and it got cool.

We went to Discount Solar in QZ and within the hour had our 2 new solar panels on and we were headed down the road to the next WIN gathering on La Paz Rd. Went to circle briefly at 4 then headed to Bouse to Bud and Nancy's. We had happy hour in their mh with their neighbor's who we also know. Lee and Clay. The 6 of us went to dinner at Joe and Donna's Cafe then off to Somewhere Arizona. It is the local watering hole but our favorite band goes there on Thursday. 7 of the WIN's also showed up and we nearly took over the place. The dance floor is about 10 ft square but we can really get out there and cut the rug. We all dance with each other so there isn't much sitting down. Millie sings and she did a duo with Matt. He didn't sing just stood there and she sang and he reacted to the words.
A little later Matt sings/recites a couple of songs that brings the house down with laughter.

Back to Bouse this morning to check for our mail. We left our mh and drove the back (dirt road) into QZ got fuel at $1.59. At Bouse the PO was closed for lunch so we went briefly to visit Bud and then to lunch where we ate last night. At the PO we found our mail wasn't there yet. Stopped briefly at the Community Center where Nancy has a table of crafts for sale. On the way back to QZ Bob was itching to take a backroad. We did. It was beautiful

and also scary. He had to get out and check the road at one point. It seemed like an hour he was gone and I was getting worried imagining all sorts of things. Meanwhile I'm sitting in a car that is parked in a tight ravine with storm clouds overhead. I'm writing mental headlines about a couple found dead in this desert. Oh well, needless to say we made it out but had some very steep sharp ravines to traverse. Invisioned us with front bumper on one hill and the back bumper on the other and spinning the suspended tires. :(

It was an overcast day all day so Bob started a fire for the 4pm circle. We had the most beautiful sunset. Here are a few pics that don't do it justice.

We went dancing at the Yacht Club in the evening.

On Saturday the wind blew. Bob was up on the roof at 4:30 am putting the big double solar panel down. We had a group over to the motorhome at 2 to watch a video of the gathering at the Slabs. You can view part of the video on Diana's site. We have a link to it. The picture on the TV is another video. Circle no sooner got started but a dust storm hit and we all ran for cover. Shouting over our shoulder's that we were to go to the Yacht Club again tonight and we did. Stopping at Silly Al's for pizza first.

I am now officially old. We went to town and strolled around the vendors. My big purchase was a CANE. Of course, I was told later in the day that I was using it wrong. Others thought I bought it to keep Bob in line and handy. The rest of the day was spent with the WINs. I also made a big pot of vegetable beef soup.We had Hobo pies around the fire and lots of talking afterwards while trying to keep warm.

More of the same cloudy, cold weather on Monday. We went to Bouse for our mail which was in this time. Met Bud and Nancy for breakfast at the cafe. On the way home we took another dirt road back into QZ. We got out a jig saw puzzle and worked on it or read. It was very windy and cold for circle.

It turned cold and windy on Tuesday and threatened rain. Part of our group met at Sweet Darlene's for breakfast. After filling our tummies and our car we headed on a four wheel drive with Walt and Dawn leading the way. We drove about 6 miles into Queen Canyon south of us. The mountains are very pointed and we saw many shapes that reminded us of things. Whales, one with Jonah in his mouth, a skull, apes heads, lizard Davey Crockett with coonskin hat and an Indian women with a papoose or was it Santa with a pack of toys. Even the Cholla was blooming.
It was a good way to spend a cold, cloudy day.

Wednesday is moving day to Yuma and we woke to rain.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Happy Anniversary! BTW, I do that composing headlines in my head too. Glad you didn't wash away.