Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The big tent and dunes

Sunday we went to the big tent. This is where the RV Show is held. Lots of vendors inside and surrounding. In fact Q is mostly vendors. The mayor has grandious ideas that he can make Q as big as Phoenix. Talk was he was going to ban tarped business's and require fixed structures. RV dealers bought up most of the prime land for their 2 months of sales and the rents skyrocketed. Along with the price of fuel there are far fewer vendors and rver's here than in past years. Don't know the stats but it used to attract up to a million rver's in a season. The traffic jams were so big it would take over an hour just to go 1/2 way across a town that is only 2 miles long. We walked around for a couple of hours than called it quits and went home. There was a unofficial circle again today and so far there are about 80 of us registered. And the day was topped off by this beautiful sunset.

Monday we clean forgot it was a holiday. Drove to Bouse to get our mail and found the post office closed. DUH. On the way back we decided to 4 wheel to the sand dunes. One dune was so steep getting off it we knew better than to try to return that way. We programmed our GPS for Bouse and it directed us back along roads that weren't really roads just ruts & washes to follow. We came thur the back side of what we call camelback mountain (4 Peaks). Along the way we were told about this water collection place. What little rain falls on the white metal collector and drains into a tanks that the animals can use. We never saw any animals but people we met on ATV's said there are big horn sheep and deer. Once on the Bouse side we called Bud and Nancy and went to visit them for a bit. Back at camp we had our first official circle and kick off of the Wins 2 week gathering. By this time there were about 100 here.

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