Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy Beavers

Bob has been asked by a couple of the ladies to install their new HDTV's so he has been very busy. The ladies parked next to us and he has full use of his tools etc. I had to run errands. Banking was one of them. Our nearest branch is 30 miles away in Parker. While there I also shipped our dinette cushions back to the company at Lazy Days that reupholstered them last January. They keep ripping out. It is a flannel backed vinyl. We had the one resewn when in Indiana by an Amish upholsterer in September but it has torn again at the same seam line. Here he is working on Shirley's TV. Notice how he concentrates. Enlarge the picture to see.
The evening event was a potato bake with lots of toppings.

Then on Thursday there was a meetings all day. First a committee to bring to the membership an agenda, then that meeting, then another meeting. After sitting all day at meetings it was great to go to Somewhere Arizona for our favorite band and dancing. The dance floor is very tiny. In fact, the whole bar is tiny but we managed to cram in 30-40 Wins for a fun evening. Millie is our favorite singer. We have made her an honorary WIN. On the way home we had a 2" rain. There were 2 inches between drops on the windshield.


Barbara said...

I noticed the concentration and how attentive Shirley was to the whole process.

Diana said...

Nice tongue, Bob. And yes, Shirley, it is very important to look interested when guys are doing stuff for you. Good job!