Monday, January 26, 2009

Geraldine Contest

We are members of the Escapee Boomers and once a year they gather in mass. We went up there to see Vickie and Terry
who helped us move into our motorhome 2 years ago. While there we also saw Martha and Gene who we met and parked with while in Newfoundland. At the boomer's circle that evening there was the Geraldine Contest. It is hilarious. It started several years back when the ladies planned a day out. They were going to get all dressed up and have a day away from husbands. One of the guys showed up in drag and every since then they have had the contest. Here are the shots of this year's contestants. What do you think. Want to take them to town?

This one was using a hair growth hormone. Hairy chest, back and other places.
He won the contest.

On the way home we stopped to visit another of Bob's co-worker's from Salem. Joe and Penny Judge.

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