Friday, January 30, 2009

The last week in Quartzsite

More of the same...FUN, FUN, FUN. Since Bob finished working we get to play now. He went on a 4-wheel drive with a friend on his Polaris Razor to find the back way into the Desert Bar.
I stayed home and helped with preparing the decorations for the dance rally coming up in a couple of weeks.

We played desert golf.

There was a talent (no talent) show one afternoon. We had a ventriloquist who's mouth moved but the hand puppets mouth didn't.
A singing dog.
A renowned poet.
And a man who's suit fit real well.

Evenings were spent at the local watering holes for dancing with our group.

One night we went to the campfire where we started what may become a new tradition. We had a ceremony called "The Burning Kayak". In Nevada every year there is a gathering called "Burning Man". Huge effigies are built and then burned. Our hosts suggested a "Burning Women" however we ladies booed that. One guy built a kayak out of scrap wood and cardboard and after a ritual dance around the fire the kayak was burned.
We then danced to rock and roll music.
Our kids may think us nuts but we are all having a ball in our second childhood.

Our last night here we went to Bouse for happy hour with Bud and Nancy. 8 of us went out to dinner and then Bob and I went to Somewhere to join the Wins for another night of dancing.

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Love the movie. Man, I should have thought of that....