Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wrong Turn

When we left the WINs at Quartzsite we were headed to Sun City Elk's Lodge near Phoenix. Along the way we went straight instead of making a left. We talked about this turn in the 10 miles before having to make the turn. We ended up at Tonapah, AZ where there is a hot springs we like going to. The rent included 2 private soaks in this beautiful setting. We had an afternoon soak and a mid-morning one before leaving.
We thought the feet on this tub was kinda cute. Oh! did we mention this is a clothing optional hot springs.

Our next move was about 30 miles to Bob's home Moose Lodge at Avondale. We went shopping at Costco and at Walmart and bought a ton of food. So what did we do that evening but go to the lodge for a delicious steak dinner and a little dancing to karaoke.

We finally made it to the Sun City Elk's Lodge on Sunday. Another BIG move of 23 miles. It was laundry day and while I attended to that chore, Bob was outside dry washing the car. We tried to find a do-it-yourself car wash but this area only has the expensive kind where they do it. After supper we went over to watch the Super Bowl Game. Our hometown is 90 miles from Pittsburg and we are in the Cardinals hometown. Funny last year we were near Tampa and the game was in Phoenix. This year we are in Phoenix and it's in Tampa.


Barbara and Ron said...

Why do I think you missed that turn on purpose?

Diana said...

That's a pretty sexy shot -- who took it? I also am pretty sure you missed the turn on purpose!