Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sun City

Our time in Sun City has been busy. Monday Bob had to get blood work for insurance purposes. Since he fasted it was time for the Cracker Barrel afterward. We had an hour or so to kill before meeting Ron and Candy for lunch. We walked around Cabela's and picked up a few things.

Lunch with Ron and Candy was at an unscale Chinese restaurant. Great food and company. We returned to the motorhome and killed a couple more hours and then it was time to meet my cousin Ken and his wife Deanna for dinner. Another wonderful visit.

Tuesday I was picked up by a lady I hadn't met until she came to pick me up. We went shop hopping to needlework stores and out to lunch. We are members of Embroider's Guild of America and thru the Cyberstitcher's chapter we are doing a class. I was having trouble getting the fiber's I needed. Got them yesterday so in the evening I resumed my stitching. While I was gone Bob was reorganizing his tool boxes. He even found his knife that he had just replaced yesterday at Cabela's. Go Figure.

After a trip to the bank this morning we are relocating to Apache Junction's Elk's Lodge.

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