Friday, February 06, 2009

Apache Junction

We arrived at the Elk's Lodge in Apache Junction. Donna drove the loop around Phoenix. 71 miles total. Who said this town isn't huge.

We rested and did little chores. Bob is organizing all his nuts, bolts and little piecey parts. After doing the 2 TV's while at Quartzsite he knew he had to do something to find things quickly. I worked on my needlework class that I am taking. Not to happy with the color combo so may do a lot of reverse stitching. For those who don't embroider that's ripping out. We have a beautiful view out the windshield of Superstition Mountain. The sunsets are beautiful here.

After picking up our mail with all that nasty tax stuff in it we headed out on the Apache Trail. It is a very beautiful road with many twists and turn
and ups and downs. Glad we were in the car and not the motorhome. We arrived at the tiny town of Tortilla Flats. Pop. 6, 2 gift shops, and an indoor and outdoor restaurant. We chose the indoor one for our lunch.
The decor is unusual, check out the bar stools.
We then headed further east. A few miles out of town we remembered we hadn't fueled up so we turned around and retraced our route. We stopped at Goldfield, a old gold mine that has old town buildings.

We wandered around then headed back home and got fuel. We checked out the Moose Lodge in town where 4 of our Win friends are staying and then in the evening we all went to the Elk's at Mesa for a fish dinner.
Back at the Elk's where we are staying we went in and danced.

We just goofed off our last day here, Saturday. Bob did a few chores around the rig while I did a lot of stitching. We had a few visitors that broke up all that work. Tom & Donna, Max & Judy and our new neighbor Dave. Bob put all the roof stuff down as we are in for a rainy spell and plan to move to Casa Grande for the Gypsy Journal rally on Sunday.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That was fun at the Elks.