Monday, February 09, 2009

Gypsy Journal Rally

We moved onto Casa Grande where we will be for 2 weeks. The first rally is the Gypsy Journal Rally which our friends Nick & Terry Russell put on. We went to one of them at Celina, OH last September. Had so much fun but we have vowed not to spend as much money this time. As we were driving we had a little rain and the fairgrounds was soaked
from the all nighter we had last night. A gourd festival was going on and we walked around their vendors to the fair office to pay for our extra first night. Said "hi" to a few neighbors but mostly stayed inside, Bob reading and me stitching.

Monday we registered, got the updated schedule and then vegged in the wind until the afternoon welcome and introduction of vendors and seminar teacher's. After supper we went back to the door prize drawings. Bob & I have volunteered to be runners. I delivered just 3 prizes and 2 of the winners I knew. Trish & Ellie. We were going to play cards in the hospitality room but the door was locked. We invited Joel & Nancy to our rig and taught them Pegs & Joker's. The wind was wild all day. Gusts to 35 and dust storms until around 10 pm when the heavy rain kicked in.

Tuesday was sunny but we had lots of mud. At least the winds have quit. We attended a few seminars. Did a little browsing among the vendors. Bob bought some LED lights for the lights we use the most. Really saves on the wattage used. It has been cold here. Bundled up in our winter coats, hats and gloves. At the door prize drawing tonight Bob won a Gypsy Journal t-shirt.

Wednesday we went to seminars again and in the evening there was a pizza party. 125 pizza's were quickly devoured and then the fun began. There was the cactus queen contest. What's with men dressing as women? 6 men paraded on stage but our friend Joel was by far the most outrages and won. Nick had a hard time getting the "ladies" to keep their knees together. The Queen hammed it up with Bob afterwards.

On Thursday in front of our rig was a sight to see.
I guess we had more rain than I thought. In the afternoon I took a fire fighting class from from Mac. I figured I needed to know about all those fire extinguishers Bob bought at the last rally in Ohio.

Friday this rally is over and rv's are heading out. A few will stay as will we. Our Win friends will be showing up soon and we will be here to greet them. Bob is part of the parking committee and has already decided we are staying in this spot.


Barbara and Ron said...

That quite a prize Bob has there.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Any more news on the wind generator?
Happy Trails, Penny, TX