Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Dance Rally

We were between rallies for a few days but the Wins arrived in mass. We had to move as the fairgrounds had reserved the first row which we were in for the livestock show. They said it was a rabbit show but there are a lot of goats here also.

We greeted friends as they arrived and then pitched in to help decorate for our dance rally. The theme this year is Route 66.
We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a few friends for Valentine's Day.

On Sunday we met with Joe and Penny Judge. Joe worked with Bob and we had met them briefly in Quartzsite. Afterwards we went to pick up our Brake Buddy that was shipped to my friends house, Carolyn and Bob Eissle from Cleveland, Oh.

Once the rally began I helped with the registration for two days. We registered 139. The daily schedule starts with Hugs & Mugs where we have a continental breakfast and announcements. There are two rooms that have dance lessons. One has line dancing and the other has 4 types of lessons over the course of the week. Bob is taking the lessons, I'm not as my back wouldn't take all the standing on concrete. Now his back is hurting too and I'm sure his feet will be too by the end of the week. He is learning 2-step, Lindy, waltz and cha cha. It used to be there were always more women then men taking the lessons now it is the opposite and they are recruiting women to be dance partners for the men.

Every afternoon there is circle where again announcements and reports are given. On Tuesday snacks were brought and Wednesday was "Eat dessert first." We also spend time each afternoon with a few of our neighbors for a social hour that has a stronger beverage.

One evening there was a skit that had character's representing the states Route 66 passes through. Kansas
Arizona's sunshine and cactus, The Blues Brother's.

While Bob was in class, I ran errands. Got the mail, joined Curves (my insurance cover's it so it's free. YEH), grocery shopped, went to thrift stores, did the laundry and cleaned the motorhome.

Each night we have a 3 hour dance. There is a DJ who plays the music so we can practice what we have learned. On our last night we had a professional musician, The Dakota kid.
We danced to his music at the Elk's lodge when we were at Apache Junction

After the rally ended we helped pack away the decorations, headed to the dump station and moved out into the parking lot for the night where it is free.

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Diana said...

Great movie! How did you do that? I love the still shots too, except for the one where I'm sleeping through circle....