Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Casino Camping

We relocated on Monday nearer to Phoenix. A large group of Win's are parking at Wild Horse Pass Casino for 3 days. We had circle and hugs as usual. Tuesday we went kayaking on Canyon Lake. It's on the Apache Trail and we took pictures of it on our blog about 2 weeks ago. This time we got up close and personal by kayaking for several hours.

It was amazingly beautiful. Very reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. There was a lot of garbage floating in it and we picked up a lot and took it to shore an put it in the dumpster. One guy even retrieved a muffler and asked a pontoon boat to take it back for him. We went to Berty's for a social hour after the kayaking. Lots of snacks so skipped dinner tonight. A relaxing glass of wine took away the aches and pains.

Shopping today. Bob made a run to Fry's Electronic store. Helped Rellene get a hard drive for her computer. After lunch at Applebee's we went to the Saver's store across the street. Saver's is a thrift store for the Boy's and Girl's clubs. I got some smaller size pants and Bob got the best buy of all. For 3 years we have been looking for the footstool for our glider chair. The best part it was only $8. In the evening we went to the casino to pay our rent and the group went to the 2 for 1 buffet. Back home 6 of us played Pegs & Joker's.

After Hugs 10 of us went to breakfast at the casino. Bob and I then headed out for the day. First stop was a return at Fry's, onto a needlework store that didn't have the thread I needed, stopped at a fabric store and got fabric to cover the stool we bought yesterday and then onto the Elk's Lodge at Apache Junction. AJ is having their Lost Dutchman Day's
and the big Johnsonville Brat truck was there. Several hundred people and dancing. The Budweiser Clydesdale (1) was there as was the Budweiser Girl (1). Bob got his picture taken with her to prove it.


Jill said...

Dad, you seem to be hanging on to the Budweiser girl pretty tightly!
Beautiful pictures. Would love some of that blue sky here in Maine, instead of all this darn snow :-(

Barbara and Ron said...

Bob looks pretty happy there.